What is your application process?
The first step is to fully complete your application. Please note, we will need one completed application for each person (over 18). We may accept multiple applications per property. You will not be charged a fee to apply for review of your application. The second step is to arrange viewings for qualified applicants. If you are interested in the home after viewing, please call/email us to let us know. In the case of equally qualified applicants, we do give priority to the order completed applications were received at our office. Third step is the screening process (credit checks, reference checks). For the screening process, we will only move forward with one applicant who we intend to screen. Once have selected the best qualified applicant or applicants, we do charge an application fee for the credit report and to process each application selected for screening.
What are your income requirements to qualify?
The income requirement we use is your gross monthly income either meets or exceeds3x’s the monthly rent amount. This is a reasonable standard to help ensure a resident can make timely rent payments and pay other customary living expenses.

Credit, we will review your credit history to help determine your ability to make timely rental payments.

What do I need to apply?
You’re fully completed application, proof of current verifiable income, and a copy of your photo ID.
What counts as proof of income?
Two most recent paystubs. If you are self-employed, we will need to see the gross income shown on your most recent completed tax return. In some cases, a statement of income & expenses submitted on your CPA’s letterhead may be considered.